Art Project Autumn Term

The Arts Project Filming and Drama


During the last couple of weeks the school has been a hive of activity with children from many different year groups filming using the iPads as well as using their amazing drama skills.

The culmination of this was a fantastic assembly when the children showed some of their work. Foundation shared a poem with us and did lots of actions to accompany it. Year 1 did a super drama sketch based on the story Peace At Last. Year 2 and some of the older children made films showing and explaining about all the different areas of our school as well as reinforcing our Vision and Values. One year group concentrated on producing silent films to music and another year group showed different aspect of how they work at school in freeze frame pictures. It was lovely to see such a variety of skills and techniques being used in school both in drama and filming.

We have attached some of the films for you to see below. We hope you enjoy them!


Year 6 School tours

Year 3 silent movies
Year 5 Growth Mindset