Victorian Museum

7th February 2020
The Year 6 children have been studying the Victorians this term and decided to bring together much of their learning by creating a Victorian museum. Many of the children dressed up in Victorian costume to make it even more historic. Children from the other year groups came to visit and were encouraged to visit each area and take part in some activities that the Year 6s had set up. There was a Victorian school where writing left-handed was banned and a very serious-looking teacher or two. Some children had hands and heads bandaged at the first-aid area and learnt about Florence Nightingale. They took part in some Victorian games and discovered that some are still played today, including hopscotch. Ginger beer was served and they had an opportunity to visit the 'Great Exhibition' where many of the latest inventions were on display - x-rays, cameras, postal service to name just a few. The year 6 parents also popped in after school to see what they had been up to.