Grafham Residential

13th September 2019
Year 6 Residential to Grafham Water
Once gain, the sun shone for the children at Grafham and mud was at a minimum. 
We were set a challenge of building rafts with rope, barrels and planks and to see how far we could sail it until it collapsed. Some groups had more success than others.
In archery we learnt how to shoot an arrow and practiced our aim before playing some games against each other. There were not many bullseyes scored - perhaps we need more practice.
Other activities involved the Grafham challenge which is a bit of a secret but it involved blindfolds and teamwork!
Lots of people overcame their fear of heights when we did climbing. Some managed to get right to the top while others set their own target of how high to go. We had to be really safety conscious and belay each other to make sure nobody fell. There was a lot of trust involved.
Our team challenges really tested our teamwork and problem solving skills and were really useful for developing ou teamwork back at school.