Growth Mindset

Growth Mindset at Milton CE Primary

What is the Growth Mindset?

Over the past two decades, Professor Carol Dweck at Stanford University has been researching  what lies behind motivation and achievement in individuals, particularly children.  She has discovered that developing a growth mindset (the core belief that abilities are malleable and not fixed) is critical to adopting learning-oriented behaviour.  This has a significant impact on students and learning.

At Milton, we encourage all our children to recognise their Growth and Fixed Mindset moments in order to create an understanding of and motivation to learn. Children's beliefs about themselves in relation to learning are a crucial factor in their progress. In using and talking about the Mindset ideas in school, we encourage all our children to become curious, resilient and independent learners who are open to new challenges.


Our school is a Growth Mindset school!

We try hard to be open to learning new things and noticing what's around us.

We know that it is always possible to get better and more confident at things if you work hard, put in effort and reflect on mistakes and what you can do to improve.

We try to think about HOW we are learning so we can use these strategies in the future.

We don't minding making mistakes because we know that they can help us to learn new things. As long as we reflect on them, mistakes are our friends!

Getting feedback from teachers, adults and our class mates is really important in our learning so we know how to improve.

If we find learning hard, we try not to say, 'I can't do this'. Instead we say, 'I can't do this, YET!'

We make sure we challenge ourselves regularly because it's not good to stick at what you know all the time.  You would never learn anything new! The fried egg on the walls helps us to think and talk about this.

In KS1,  we talk about our 'Learning Powers'. These learning skills are represented by animals that we use in the classroom to talk about certain behaviours and attitudes that help us to learn. These are; Resilient Rhino (he helps us to stick to things, even when we find them hard), Busy Beaver (helping us to remember to be resourceful in our learning), Team Ant (who reminds us we learn well when we work together), Tom Tortoise (who helps us to reflect on our learning).

In KS2, we tweet about our Mindset behaviour every week on our 'Mindset Twitter' board. This helps us to think about when Mindsets are effecting our learning. It helps us to spot our Growth and Fixed Mindset moments everyday.