Milton School Association


Current Chair of MSA: Mr David Metcalfe


We are a friendly group of parents and teachers who meet about eight times a year for about one and a half hours each time. During these times we organise events such as Firework displays, Christmas Fayres, Book Fairs and the Summer BBQ.

Our aim is to support the school through fun social events and raising additional funds for our children to enjoy all the extras of school life.

Last year we have money to support the school in purchasing new computer equipment for the pupils to use across the school.

We are currently in the process of continuing to raise funds to help the school improve the audio equipment in the main school hall.

Fundraising is not just about raising enough money for the big items, we also provide for some of the smaller things like the school allotment, visiting theatre groups, crackers at Christmas and funds for the school council. 

All parents are automatically members of the MSA and the election of officers for the committee is held at the beginning of each Spring term. However we welcome new members any time of the year.  The benefit of your help is enormous both to your children and to the school.

Please take a moment to look through our page – if you have any questions, new fundraising ideas or are able to help in any way please email the MSA at



What commitment is involved in being an MSA Committee Member?

The committee generally meets once in each half term, with occasional extra meetings if there is a larger event coming up. These are staged in the evenings. As we know parents have so many commitments, the days for the meetings are varied to facilitate attendance although we do not expect every member to attend every meeting!


The commitment between meetings is really dependent on which events are coming up and what you volunteer to do. More members mean that the ‘work’ can be shared out so that no one person is taking on anything that is not manageable for them.

Agendas and minutes for meetings are sent out by e-mail and the expectation is that committee members would read these as they arrive, send apologies if they cannot attend meetings, comment on, provide feedback on or make suggestions for agenda items and offer to take on jobs/activity, as they are able.

Benefits of becoming an MSA Committee Member:

-          A greater understanding of the ‘behind the scenes’ working of the school and strengthened relationships with teaching staff.

-          Being able to contribute and give something back to the school community.

-          Knowledge that your efforts have directly impacted on your children’s school experience.

-          Offering your children a positive role model.

-          Building a new/expanded social network for yourself and your children.

-          Learning more about the school by mixing with parents from different year groups.

-          A real sense of pride and achievement when you see the children enjoying themselves at an event you had some part in making happen!


AGM and Newsletters

Documents coming soon.


Where do the funds go?

Over the past few years there has been a real variety of things on which the funds raised have been spent. From a large project as the Solar Project, purchases of new computers and other equipment such as the school bike sheds and two sunshades (to allow ‘outdoor classrooms’.... also useful during at downpour at pick up time!) to smaller playground equipment; from annual classroom budgets for teachers to support direct learning to funding visiting theatre companies; from the Life Education Bus to refreshments at the Year 6 leavers party.

Suggestions on spending are put forward by the teaching staff and by school parents, where they feel there is a need or gap.

In years gone by, monies raised by PTA’s were seen as providing ‘luxuries’ in school. With tightening of school budgets, the monies raised really are an essential part of providing our children with the enriching and varied school experience for which we chose Milton C of E Primary