Starting school

Foundation Admissions

Foundation Year

By law, children must start school at the beginning of the term after their 5th birthdays. Milton School admits all pupils in the September of the academic year in which they turn five. The Local Authority coordinates the admissions procedure and determines the date when applications should be received. Please contact the school office who will advise you of this date for the next academic year. Full details will be found in the LA booklet ‘A Guide for Parents’ which is available from the school office.

We would like you to feel happy and confident about your child starting at this school since it is an important time in a child’s life. The children who are due to join the foundation stage classes in September are invited to spend two afternoons with the class teacher in June or July. A meeting is also held in June/July for all parents of children due to start school the following academic year. We hope to make the transition from home to Milton School as smooth as possible ensuring that each child settles confidently and quickly.

During the first week all children attend part time and entry is staggered to ensure that each child is welcomed and given individual attention. In week two autumn born children start full time while spring and summer children remain part –time. During the second full week parents of the younger children will be invited to  consultation sessions with teachers. If part time children have settled confidently they will be offered full time schooling. There is no pressure for any child to start full time until he/she is ready.


Admissions proceedure - please click here


The phonics scheme we use at Milton is called Sounds Write and they have created an online course for parents. At present, both parts of the course are free (usually only part 1 is free) and we would highly recommend completing the course as it will give you an insight into what your child will be learning while in Foundation Stage.